Box Calculator

Box Calculator

  • Get cost for any size of corrugated box
  • From minimum quantity of 10 to multiple of thousands
  • Plain or printed boxes in any color (single or multi)
  • Customize your packaging as per your requirement
  • Get the quote instantly and buy online
  • Quick delivery with in one week
  • Very economical prices

1 Size of box

Please enter the size of box required. This is the internal size of the box in mm.

2 Board grade

3 Colour of box

Please select the colour of the outer paper of your box.

4 Print

Indicate if you require any print applying to your box, such as a company name or logo.

5 Quality

Choose your own quality.

6 Coating

Coating is only available for white color box.

7 Shipping

8 Quantity

9 Pricing

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